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5 Top Design Ideas & Inspiration for Kids Bedrooms & Play rooms

Today I’m going to introduce you to five themes and methods to help with designing your children’s rooms whether bedroom or playroom.  Each one packed with examples from interior designers that have wowed me and I hope they fill you with inspiration.

There will always be a time when your youngsters’ room will need decoration. The days of their room functioning as a nursery may have toddled away and the time might have come to re-vitalise their surroundings to something more suited to their age.

Papersteps is based on the principles of creating fun, engaging and special art for children. The same approach should be taken with bedroom design where you can easily craft and create bedrooms tailored to your little ones.

Please note that images featured are from the work of talented interior designers I have enjoyed discovering the work of. All sites are linked throughout the article and all listed at the end.

A bedroom can mean the world to a child. It’s their playroom, workspace and, of course, it’s the spot where mischief is hatched and adventures can begin! Taking the time to design a room for your kids can be a hugely rewarding experience. When planning the décor for your child’s room, there are a couple of approaches I’d suggest to help give your child a space that feels extra special for them.


Be Colourful

There’s so much fun to be had when picking kid-friendly colour schemes. You can finally opt for colours you wouldn’t dream of having anywhere else in the house! Children love colour and are always sure to have a favourite. This is the perfect opportunity to mix and match with an extensive selection of shades and tones that are sure to complement their ever-growing character.

Let’s start off with this featured work from the portfolio’s of First Sense Interiors, Room to Bloom. The bold blue and green colouring is a perfect statement shade for a kid’s room. Youngsters love to be expressive with colour, and these rooms shows how you don’t need to resort to garish rainbow colours to help inject some character. Check out this blog post for a closer look at some ideas for kid’s bedroom colours.

The lego inspired room from MK Kids interiors Interiors shows you can control primary colours, if they are complimenting less bright surroundings.

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Be Creative


The creation of a children’s bedroom design doesn’t simply have to come from block colours, it’s easy to achieve an equally standout space by using patterns and contrast through both the use of furniture and accessories. If you have younger children you may want to opt for something a little softer when it comes to colour; this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It’ll give you the chance to get creative with more neutral and pastel-toned designs.

The nursery room designs featured below from Chango and Co and Lily Rose Interiors rely more on patterns and collaborative accessorising to bring colour to their respective rooms. Bedrooms for younger children need to be just as suited for bedtime as much as they are for play, therefore softer colours do help create a more peaceful environment that can help children of any age feel calm and ready for a good night’s sleep.

You can also be creative with changing plain strips to different shapes.  See the way DB Studio have added a super simple but so effective strip of green colour with various angles.  The last image features a full wall mural with bright colours from Petite Interior Co.  I love this, look how they matched the colours from the mural to the modern kids bed frame.

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Be Unique


As any parent may know, no two children are the same, so why should their rooms be any different? Spending the time to find unique designs can really make the space feel special. I particularly loved stumbling across this adventurer bedroom design from Petite Interior Co.’s portfolio. Perfect for an older child, the striking map of the world paired with a wooden board wall-covering really makes the room feel one-of-a-kind and somewhere worthy of planning an adventure.

Being unique, expressive, and fun is what’s at the centre of my design ideas for Paper Steps. I love using my experience with design and animation to bring new characters and funky styles to life. By making it possible to personalise the designs, I hope to see my work become a treasured part of any room and childhood.

Be sure to have a look through my collection for designs suited to all kinds of rooms. Each can be personalised for that extra special touch. I’m always adding new designs and fresh styles, so make sure to subscribe for the latest new styles and any new offers.

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Be Fun


These rooms featured below really stood out to me when looking at portfolios as they look so much fun! There are so many elements and plenty going on. What these fun bedroom designs do show is that children’s room should accommodate for the craziness of growing up! Amongst some of the quirkier aspects of these rooms design there’s plenty of extra space for family photos, favourite toys – a wonderful way to introduce the aspect of personalisation and creativity as they grow.

The first two are from thegirlwiththegreensofa.com, Nicola Broughton is said to be the queen of Maximalism, the opposite of Minimalism and ‘More is More and Less Is Bore’ motto! Followed by awesome fun childrens shelving by https://www.hudsoninteriordesigns.com/

Then what can be more fun than fruity walls? Another from Chango & Co, uses great bright watermelon decals in this child’s bedroom. Why not stick a crazy drawing or wall sticker on, like the upside down lady with a spotty dress!

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When it comes to making a room fun, there are no better experts than kids themselves. Why not consider getting them involved in the design process? After all, it is their room! Let them draw their dream room and see what elements you can bring it to life. You may not be able to provide them with a full race track or a wall-length fish tank, but you can give them the opportunity to help shape and influence a space that is just for them.


Be Future Conscious


Children are forever growing up and with that comes changes in taste, style, and personality. When designing a bedroom for children, it can be easy to go all out on a design based on their current favourites. If your children are anything like my boys, they are always picking up new hobbies and interests and no room could be designed to keep up with that; timeless designs are the way forward for us parents!

I simply love some of the designs I found in the work of interior designer Room To Bloom and Lilly Bunn. Most of the portfolio work was lovingly created for children just outgrowing their toddler room designs. These designs are set to grow with the children with simple colours that can easily be accessorised and filled with their latest fads and favourites. The rooms can evolve with child while still feeling their own.

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From the rich variety of designs and styles I have discovered it is clear that there are most certainly a huge range of ways you can go about designing a kid’s room. When planning the design of your kid’s room, I’d say you need to strike the balance between fun and functionality. Build your child a room that they are proud to call their own and spend time in, but one that is also prepared for them to be ever-changing and growing up.

Resources used

Images sourced from the following blogs and portfolios. I think you’ll agree that all the work featured here shows just how impressive you can make your child’s bedroom look. Please see the links below for more inspiration for children’s bedroom design ideas.


Design blogs


About Paper Steps
Be sure to have a look through my collection for designs suited to all kinds of rooms. Each can be personalised for that extra special touch. I’m always adding new designs and fresh styles, so make sure to subscribe for the latest new styles and any new offers.


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